Separators are operated as grain cleaners at the enterprises of agricultural sector, as well as at explosion-hazardous production facilities (grain silos, flour mills, groats mills, animal feed mills, oil processing and oil-extraction plants).

Screen grain cleaners and separators (cleaning|/screening machines) BSH-3-01, BMS-6, BSH-6, BSH-12, BSH-100, BSH-150, BSH-200, BSH-300, BSH-400, BSHM-16 are mostly used for main cleaning (impurities remove min. 75%), but in some cases they also can be applied for pre-cleaning.

BSH-1-4, SPO-80, SPO-125, PB-50 and PB-100 models are designed exclusively for pre-cleaning – for coarse impurities remove (which geometrical dimensions are in 2 ... 3 and more times exceeding geometrical dimensions of the main grain) and light impurities remove (with the use of aspiration channels, settling and aspiration chambers etc.).

Feedback on the questions concerning all BSH-model screen grain cleaners and separators

Concerning customer adaptation

Unlike global leaders of industry with long-run production (although since 2000 year our plant has supplied equipment for more than 16000 customers in 15 countries), we have rather adaptable production and, despite the huge product line, we are ready to take into account customer requirements concerning equipment adaptation – from design (construction) modifications to color range.

Concerning product lifetime and warranty policy

In our documentation we specify projected service life, which was determined for certification of the new equipment years ago. But as time shows real service life of our equipment far exceeds projected. For example, screen grain cleaners and separators BSH-100 that were produced in 1994 are still reliably operating. After the development of a new product, usually, all problems might be seen within first two years. In this case, we take them into account in the design of the following production run, and already delivered we modernize at our own expense.

*Warranty terms for storage and operation of component parts – in accordance with current normative documents and accompanying manufacturers' documents, for spare parts to the separator – in accordance with delivery terms.

Concerning maintainability

Many manufacturers follow the policy – “Details XXXX can be replaced only by details XXXX”. We do not make money on repairs. Design and configuration of our machines are focused on the possibility of the failed parts replacement in the shortest time by the Operator.

We will provide all kinds of assistance – advice, engineer's/technician's visit, we can supply all components for our equipment, but we also understand how precious every hour during the season. That is why we apply standard and widely distributed, produced by many manufacturers – electric motors, drive belts, bearings. All structural elements, details, assemblies and construction units serve much longer, than specified by warranty period, but in case of failure they can be repaired by customer, and for replacement – quickly acquired at the manufacturer by the first application.

Concerning capacity factors

Capacity factors of grain cleaning equipment have become a kind of marketing trick for some manufacturers. Be careful, if the manufacturer indicates capacity in tons per hour, but without any data on the appropriate conditions to achieve such rate (quality of intake grain – impurities content, moisture, bulk weight), and does not specify cleaning efficiency achieved at such capacity.

As a rule, maximum values correspond to the perfect condition incoming grain from European fields, and in our actual conditions, with impurities content and moisture of incoming heap of chaff and grain, actual results are much more lower (from experience, 70-80% of rated).

We specify honest indicators, confirmed by hands-on operational experience.

Concerning separators universality

The construction of screen frames and bodies, in which they are installed as a part of grain cleaning/screening machine, is based on the functionality in terms of the pre-cleaning or main cleaning (industrial cleaning) mode.

All BSH-model machines are multifunctional. Distance between screen layers, their inclination angles, inclination angles of planes and trays for product remove are optimized for pre-cleaning, when product layer measure up 50..70 mm. at the upper screen input (impurities content and moisture are significantly affect the capacity and cleaning efficiency, but product layer particularly affects the geometrical arrangement of the body part). That is why separators operate reliably and on high quality level in the main cleaning mode (industrial cleaning), when product layer measure up 20..30 mm. at the upper screen input.

These separators also can be applied for calibration of cereal crops seeds as a component of seed processing lines by product layer reduction to 10..15 mm. (or max. 2..3 size of calibrated seeds). Capacity in this mode is 5..6 times lower in comparison with main cleaning mode, but along with that the inclusion parameter of other fractions into the calibrated fraction is max. 5%.

Concerning electronic engineering

In the basic version of separators we do not use high-end electronics. As practice shows, the less electronics, the cheaper and more reliable machine is. It’s like with mobile phones – in real life we use maximum 10% of provided opportunities, while pay for all 100%.

We produce separators based on the most ancient principle of grain cleaning – wind and screen. All separators produced worldwide are based on the same principle and have similar design and construction, which differ in details, reliability, reputation of the manufacturer and … in “bells and whistles” and “marketing tricks”.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t equip separator with automatic, on customer’s request we can equip separator with all types of sensors, which are really necessary for specific operating conditions.

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