Plansifters mark RSh and RShH are designed for fractionation of wheat ground material by size at flour mills. Plansifters may be applied for sorting of other crops ground material.

Plansifters mark RK are designed for cereals sorting (cleaning from impurities, fractionation before hulling, selection of intermediate hulling and peeling products, sorting and products control) at cereals industry enterprises.

Plansifter mark RFH-4 (sometimes called fractional separator) is designed for separation of initial grain mixture to fractions, which differ by granulometric content, and for separation of light foreign matters from main crop. Mostly applied on large mills and malt production plants (barley calibration).

  • РШХ-2 Гомель
  • РК-4
  • РШ-4 Гомель
  • РШ-4