Countercurrent coolers model ПО-1250/…, 1600/…, 2000/…, 2500/…, 3200/…, 3600/… complete with fan, air ducts and cyclone for cleaning of processed air, are designed for cooling of bulk materials – small-sized (starting from 1 mm) and lumpy (up to 50 mm) materials (oil cake, oil meal, granules, pellets, expanding material, extrudate etc.) – to the temperature not higher than 5 degrees above zero from the ambient air temperature with the possibility of their further container or bulk storage, packing.

Octagon hopper and rotating loading tray provide the most uniform product distribution for effective cooling by ambient air.

Product fed into the hopper must have the following granulometric composition: to 1 mm – max. 5%, from 1 mm to 3 mm – max. 5%, from 3 mm to 50 mm – the rest.

Unloading mechanism driven by hydraulic cylinder may provide both portioned and continuous product cooling process in automatic mode with minimal damage.

Airlock for product supply may be installed at the hopper inlet depending on granulometric composition.