Animal feed production plant of modular design LPK-3M is designed to max. 3 t/h capacity of crumbled animal feed with its further bagging to 20, 30 or 50 kg. Required space 80 m2 (facility internal dimensions 8mx10m, including equipment service area, without including intake pit and storage for animal feeds).

The plant is supplied in four 40-ft containers OPEN TOP (12000(l)×2230(b)×2380(h)) with composed modules, individually packed transport equipment (elevators and conveyors), ladders, service platforms, cabling and wiring products.

Delivered modules are ready-to-install along with built-in processing equipment – 7 pcs.: module of bins structural flanges, module of bins unload, scales module, over-mixer bin module, mixer module, module for grinding/crushing and packing, process control room.

Technology provides 4 grain and meal bins, 4 screw conveyors with charging hoppers for components added in small amounts, access door for components manual filling up, input liquids system (directly within mixer).

Advantages of such supply mode are full configuration and high installation readiness. The modules are joined together in specified points according to installation diagram and tied around by already made (from delivery package) ladders, fences, service platforms, elevators, conveyors, cable lines. Equipment commutation and setting of line computer control system from process control room are inspected.

Equipment applied as a part of our modular plant is widely used on large feed mills, that provides an opportunity to produce animal feed in accordance with GOST (National State Standard) quality norms. In particular, mixer ZSL-1000 allows to prepare feed with 95% homogeneity by proportion 1:100000 (more information at our website in the section Modular feed mills).

Advantages of modular feed mills produced by Khorol mechanical plant in comparison with other analogous projects:

  • actually implemented modularity (in contrast to block configuration);

  • steel frame structure: all equipment fixed on steel frames that allows to avoid expenditures for major construction works and to reduce area for placement;

  • industrial plant equipment configuration, applied on large feed mills;

  • 4 bins for raw materials inside the module with total volume 30 m3;

  • convenient computer control system provides an opportunity both to manage all production units independently, or to operate automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the whole week;

  • the possibility of placement without interruption of existing production;

  • transportation to the installation site on standard container ships by rail or sea, if necessary modular feed mill can be transported by traditional cargo transport (module length 6 m.);

  • quick installation, as it is necessary only to combine finished modules, installation and putting into operation takes 5-6 days (upon a prepared site with dibholes for intake pit and elevator boots).