You are not just saving on purchase you will earn more due to quality, reliability and maintainability. This is also confirmed by our warranty terms. And what is more important, the actual terms of our products operation considerably exceed the service life specified in the technical documentation.

Today our company puts into operation hundreds of production lines, tens of thousands units of different machineries. The tab Geography of supplies displays about 2 thousand units of equipment, from more than 16 thousand, produced by the plant in this century. The base is still in the process of filling up, so feel free to call us.

Reasons to choose us
Customer-oriented approach Individual approach to each client.  From painting according to your design to making changes in construction.
Straight dealing We specify the actual characteristics of our products and do not afraid to show our customers (with their consent) call us to contact our clients and ask about the experience of using our equipment.

Efficiency  On the worlds best standards level.

Just-in-time manufacturing Our plant works at full capacity, nevertheless if we have a deal  machineries will be produced in time or even earlier.
Price-quality ratio. Great quality for reasonable price.

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BSH-400, new height  41 meters. BSH-400, new height 41 meters.

Our plant did something it never done before. Weve assembled screen grain cleaner and separator BSH-400 in the customer's premises. At 41 meters height through the opening with size 1,7*3,2 meters outside the factory weve assembled separator with dimensions 3,3*4,1*4 m and tightened all its parts. Three plant specialists using hoists and local assistants did it in 9 days. Who will need, we can repeat!

"Compound feeds-2017" "Compound feeds-2017"

Our plant has participated in I International conference Modern compound feeds production (Compound feeds-2017), which was held from 27th to 29th of June on the basis of International Industrial Academy. The conference was organized by Union of compound feed producers, Russian National Research Institute of Animal Feed Industry and International Industrial Academy.

Animal feed mill of modular design LPK-3M is putted into operation in Uganda Animal feed mill of modular design LPK-3M is putted into operation in Uganda

The plant professionals have returned from Uganda. Animal feed mill of modular design LPK-3M is putted into operation. Control system provides an opportunity remotely control the production process from anywhere in the world due to Internet access.


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